Directors Message

Directors Message

From the desk of Managing Director

It's our pleasure addressing here and talking about the company - Accilex Nutricorp, visioned by Mr. Shudhir Budhrani (Chairman). Owing to the result of our meticulous planning and marketing over the last Ten years,Accilex Nutricorp has conspicuously delivered on all fronts and is about to reach a turnover of 500 crore.

The pharmaceutical arena can be seen as one of the most vital area affecting the health of a nation and thus the strength in this sector can define a country's growth and can affect it both adversely and favorably. Through quality, diligence and hard work, Accilex Nutricorp is dedicated to provide the best in pharmaceutical care. We aim to keep our customers satisfied to grow and in future seek to become a name of global reckoning.

We have in place a highly qualified and experienced management team who drives the Company's strategy, policies and monitors progress towards meeting our objectives. These seasoned and experienced professionals have come together from the fields of marketing, finance, production, R&D and other operational areas. Inspired by our core values of Vision, Responsibility, Teamwork and Devotion, we will continue to fulfill our mission of producing high quality products to meet the health needs of people around the world. Prior to concluding, we would like to thank our shareholders/Associates for their trust, all of our employees for their commitment, and our business partners for their continued and valuable support in this endeavor.

Shudhir Budhrani Director